M A U Korean




  Applicant Qualification


✔ Any young adults(from freshman and above) who are interested in Asia’s diplomacy, politics and economy and willing to participate passionately in Model Asia Union, in teams of 1-3.

✔ Can apply in teams of 2 or 3, or individually


  Main Agenda


Escaping from the Age of Hyper-uncertainty

*All programs are conducted in English


  Recruitment schedule


✔ Application & 1st Report Submission: September 6 - October 3

✔ Announcement of the 1st successful teams: October 10

✔ Final report Submission: November 1

✔ Grand Final (Incheon Sheraton Hotel): November 4-5 *


(* May take place online or offline, depending on the pandemic situation)




□ 1st Prize: Ban Ki-moon Center for Global Citizens Chairman Award

□ 2nd Prize: President of Incheon National University Award

□ 3rd Prize: Asia Economic Community Foundation Chairman Award


  How to Apply


   1) Download the following application & report format ↓↓



Download application file

Download report file


   2) Fill out the application form & submit the first draft of your report (at least 10 pages, maximum 20) about the above 'Main Agenda'

   3) Compress the two files(application form & report) into one zip file, named 'Applicant Name_MAU', and submit to aecfyouthcommittee5@gmail.com