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Asia Economic Community Forum (AECF) is a gathering of leaders from Asia and the world in the fields of academia, politics and business with aims to explore the identity of Asia and the direction for its future development while discussing cooperative measures to form an economic community within the region.



One of the goals of AECF is to identify current economic issues of Asia and the world and to seek solutions. Having academics as a center, leaders of various areas such as politics, business and society-culture will produce practical outcomes of this Forum in a variety of forms including periodicals or separate books.



This forum is also a place to learn the main current trends of world economy as well as the updated research outputs regarding Asian issues since renowned research institutes and academic associations of economic and Asian matters from all over the world are participating in this forum by presenting their valuable research findings. In addition, what CEOs of worldly well-known corporations and policy makers discuss through their participation in this forum has been fully reflected in our policy prescriptions, and what related international organizations seek as alternatives for global problems is attracting the attention of opinion leaders of the world to Asia and Korea as well.



AECF also aims to integrate the Asian region. Coping with the global trend of regionalism and block formation, Asia also needs the formation of an integrated (economic) community as its long-term counter-measure. Asia Economic Community Foundation has been holding this forum on a regular base in order to accelerate Asian economic integration by diagnosing the economic current issues of Asia and the world and propose solutions and future directions through in-depth studies. This forum has also become an arena to suggest a new model of Asian regional integration through a politico-economic or an interdisciplinary approach including the announcement of a regional integration index of Asia, and to present steadily the research findings on the degree of mutual perceptions and value systems critical in community formation by conducting the Asia values survey



This forum - a place where global leaders gather to confirm the potential of Asia as a dynamic engine driving the world economy, to discuss solutions to the global economic crisis and picture the vision of Asia economic community! This is what AECF is all about!